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Full-Time Market Manager Job Opening

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Position: Up To Two (2) Full-time Positions
Compensation: Experience Determines Base, Success Determines Commissions/Bonuses and continued employment
Position Opens/Closes: March 23, 2018  through April 15th, 2018.

The Great Lakes Radio, Inc (GLR) Market Manager — in addition to delivering personal cash sales of at least $10,000 a month — will be responsible for the company’s marketing, sales, promotional, and branding success while at the same time working with each department to unify all efforts to maximize and realized actual sales/marketing success for the company locally and with advertising agencies.

Market Manager will require about 1/2 time selling in the community, building a customer base, building select community organization rapport, and helping sales people build client relationships and successfully close. Regular, even weekly, attendance of community and organization meetings to improve and/or maintain relationships for GLR is required.

Time not spent in the community will be in-house working with sales people and other departments to help optimize GLR long-term sales goals and short-term cash flow. Managing Sales Budgets and bringing sales people to goal, exceeding goals and then increasing goals is a primary task. At least 10k of personal cash sales per month is also required, so marketing skills are a must since all aspects of this position is about Marketing success.

Writing skills are a must since writing is a major part of training sales people to collect better selling points from clients and even to writing better scripts. Helping the production department to serve sales department better requires input from Market Manager regarding excellent transformation of sales points into scripts and polished production. Copy-writing/Script writing for sales people and station projects/promotions will be necessary. Input on programming choices, music, and especially on-air branding will become part of the job as well.

Other writing tasks includes annual proposal writing, sales/promotional material development, regular proposal writing, correspondence writing with clients, agencies, community organizations, as well a writing for various tasks related to promotions and public relations. Training sales people to collect better information for scripts and online digital is vital. Training sales people to use systems and deliver excellent script points to copywriters and production is vital. Keeping sales people on-target daily using all of GLR sales policies and tools, and personally using GLR customer relationship (Touch Report) system, daily completing the Market Manager report and well as other GLR systems is absolutely necessary. Training sales people to writing better rough scripts would be helpful to.

Production skills need to be quick and professional while creative and engaging. From start to finish, excellent and creative production skills using Adobe Audition is a must. Helping sales people to work with GLR system so that their scripts reflect client needs is a must. Basically, any script needs to be transformed into polished production. This also means the Market Manager will work very closely with Production and Programming and Traffic Departments to enable best outcomes script and production efforts.

Regular monthly and even weekly meetings that gather department heads and sometimes members of upper management together to solve tactical problems and plan strategic solutions is necessary. Working well in team environment and successfully implementing plans within the team environment is also a must.

Daily, Market Manager will work with on-air, online digital, sports, business office, and sales professionals. Applying the best brand management principles, the Market Manager is expected to provide useful input and even provide oversight to ensure on-air branding, online branding, sports branding, and so on are all in-sync to optimize branding effect. Daily engagement with traffic, front office, shopping show, and other departments to reach GLR long-term goals is also expected.

Daily, the Market Manager activities need to be reported to upper management in a terse, concrete, descriptive report that keeps upper management completely informed, using the online Market Manager report.

Market Manager will work with department heads and answer to upper management, the Market Managers direct supervisors, to develop and implement better practices and policies as needed.

Other tasks include additional duties as requested by Upper Management from time-to-time.


Great Lakes Radio, Inc. 3060 U.S. 41 West in Marquette Michigan

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Email Resume, Cover Letter, References, and Writing Samples to employment@broadcasteverywhere.com

Applicants should provide three writing samples: one sample in the first person, one in third person, and a third of your choice.

All writing samples should be 5-9 paragraphs long, written at the 6th-8th grade reading level with the public as intended audience. Inclusion of a photograph appropriate to the article would also be helpful to evaluate current skill set.

All qualified persons have equal opportunities in positions at our company, including but not limited to equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, training, discipline and treatment.

Network Offices
Great Lakes Radio, Inc.
3060 U.S. 41
Marquette, MI 49855
Phone: 906-228-6800
Fax: (906) 228-8128
Email: employment@broadcasteverywhere.com
Great Lakes Radio, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women and minorities to apply.
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