City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center – Winter 2013 PSA Workshop Announcement Spring Winter Workshop Series

January 18, 2013

The City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center invites the community to register for the Spring/Winter 2013 Workshop series. This season the center is offering a wide variety of workshop genres and styles, including fine arts, mixed media classes, free and drop-in courses and children’s workshops.

Anyone interested in registering for a workshop may visit the Arts and Culture Center, located in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library. Registration forms will also be available online at Registrations for workshops can be mailed to the City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center 300 W. Baraga Ave, Marquette MI, 49855. For more information or questions, please contact (906) 228-0472 or email

Please find the classes listed below or City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center – Winter 2013 PSA Workshop Announcement.


Winter/Spring 2013 Workshops


Jason Limberg

New to the area, this talented artist takes inspiration from wildlife and uses different types of mediums and strategies to create a physical and visual dialogue.

Ballpoint Pen

Jason Limberg

Saturdays, February 2-March 9


City Residents $50, Non-city $55.

With the ability to be soft and subtle while being striking and bold, ballpoint is a useful artistic tool. This course will go over the numerous ways to build up a line, shading and depth.


Diana Magnuson

Accomplished published illustrator for children’s books, Magnuson has a Masters degree in Illustration from Syracuse University in New York. She moved from Seattle to Marquette in 1995 and has had illustrations published in over 70 books.

Children’s Book Illustration

Diana Magnuson

Tuesdays, April 2-April 23


City Residents $120, Non-city $125. Materials TBA.


Drawing: Intimacy with Lines, Shapes and Shadows

Diana Magnuson

Friday-Sunday, March 15-17


City Residents 180, Non-city $185.

3 day workshop.

Regardless of your current level of art education, by practicing and implementing a new way of seeing objects your drawing skills will strengthen, bringing your artwork to a higher level of realism, and creating art that exhibits confidents and skill.



Angel Abbs-Portice

Wednesday January 23, 6-8p.m.

& Saturday January 26, 12-3p.m.

City Residents $25, Non-city $30.

January’s Exhibit Artist, Angel Abbs-Portice will be teaching two wood burning workshops. She will be guiding the beginner and give tips to burning straight lines, shading, adding depth, highlighting, ect.



Carl Mayer

Mayer has studied with professional watercolorists such as Ed Whitney, and Nita Engle, Zoltan Szabo and Robert Wood. He taught art at Marquette Senior High School for 25 years and has conducted watercolor painting workshops since 1970.

Watercolor I

Carl Mayer

Tuesdays, January 22-February 26


City residents $60, Non-city $65.

Intended for beginning artists.


Watercolor II

Carl Mayer

Tuesdays, April 16-May 21


City residents $60, Non-city $65.

Intended for intermediate to advanced painters. Creative use of color and composition will be emphasized.



Inner Awareness through Art

Melissa Middleton

Thursdays, February 21-April 4 (with the exception of March 14)


City Residents $50, Non-city $55. Lab fee $25.

Using a simple process integrating art, meditation, and journaling you will access your inner language of imagery and personal insight. Guided exercises will serve to cultivate health, clarity and inner peace. This introductory class is a pre-requisite for future offerings.


Melissa Middleton

Tuesdays, March 5-April 9


City Residents $30, Non-city $35. Lab fee $25.

This class will guide participants in classic seated meditation practice based on rich and ancient spiritual traditions. Techniques to calm the mind, center yourself, bring clarity, mindfulness and peach to your life.



Daniel Jarvis earned a BFA degree in Ceramics from Ohio State University where he taught sculpture, wood, glass casting and mold making techniques at the Sherman Sculpture Studio. He was a studio assistant to Columbus sculptor, Malcolm Cochran.

Handbuilding with Plaster Molds

Daniel Jarvis

Thursdays, January 31-March 14


City Residents $50, Non-city $55. Lab fee $20.

This course is appropriate for all skill level. Students will create a singularly unique art object. Students will be taught technique inspired by both Italian millefori glass and Japaense Nerikomi ceramics. Ages 16 and up. Classes will be held at Graveraet.


Intro to Ceramics & History

Laura Lentes

Tuesdays, February 5-March 12.


City Residents $50, Non-city $55. Lab fee $25.

Lentes, who has studied in Italy will be teaching beginning ceramics. This course will move through a ceramic timeline and teach different handbuilding techniques by the history of the craft.



Senior Arts – Drop in, Free

First and Third Tuesdays of every month starting in February 1-3p.m.

Professional artists instruct participants in this new program for Seniors only. Each month a new professional artist will lead the group. Instruction in painting, ceramics and drawing. Funded by the Reynolds Foundation and the City of Marquette Senior Center.


Tuesdays, ongoing starting in February


Drop in for free tea, coffee, and a space to work on your art projects with fellow city residents.

Youth Workshops


Resin Jewelry

Kelly Limberg

Saturdays, April 20 & 27


City Residents $25, Non-city $30. Lab fee $8.

Instructor will teach students how to use and prepare resin to make one of a kind jewelry.


Bordering on a Gourd

Cynthia Lynne

Saturday, March 9


City Resident $25, Non-city $30. Lab fee $25.

Instructor will teach how to creatively decorate a hard shell gourd bowl in this 1 day workshop. Wear old clothes for dying a variety of materials.



Judy Sarosik

Saturday, February 9


City Residents $25, Non-city $30.

Instructor will teach participants how to make origami heart valentines, just in time for Valentine’s day!


Bricolage Valentines

Kathelen Heidman

Saturday, February 2


City Residents $15, Non-city $20. Lab fee $20.

Declare your love! This course combines the old-fashioned handmade valentine, a few basic bookmaking techniques, and a healthy dose of bricolage!



Morris Dance

Jo Foley and Jill Vandermeer

Fridays, March 1-April 26


City Residents $30, Non-city $35.

An exuberant English Folk Dance tradition going back at least to the late 1400s, this class will explore some of these traditions. Classes located at Graveraet.


Blues Jam

To be Announced


Open to all musicians, acoustic or plugged. Meet new people to jam with! This drop in workshop is led by members of the Marquette Area Blues Society. From Robert Cray to Muddy Waters, experience all types of blues in one session.



Kathleen Heideman

Published writer, Kathleen Heideman is a member of the Helen Wurlitzer Foundation of New Mexico, National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, multiple Artist-in-Residence involvements, two nominations for the Pushcart Prize and author of two books.



Nature Journaling

Kathelen Heidman

Saturday, March 2


City Residents $20, Non city $25. Lab fee $25.

Hands-on activities present methods and materials useful for observing the natural world. Meet at the Presque Isle Pavilion and dress warmly!


Fearless Writing

Deb Pascoe

Wednesdays, April 3-May 8.


City Resident $40, Non-city $45.

Instructor will share tips and strategies for releasing your inner storyteller. Whether you are trying to write your life history, poetry, or fiction, getting started is often the hardest part.



Amber Edmonson

Tuesdays, February 12-March 19


City Residents $50, Non-city $55.

This class will help develop your poetic skills in a safe, creative space. Write a poem each week with the aid of guiding prompts, and enjoying the opportunity to share and workshop poetry with fellow writers.


Veronica Peterson

Spanish teacher, Veronica Peterson was born in Mexico City and moved to Marquette in 2000. Peterson has more than 18 years of teaching Spanish. Peterson has written and illustrated a Spanish activity book designed for middle school children called “En la Onda.”

Spanish III

Veronica Peterson

Thursdays, February 7-March 14


City Residents $30, Non-city $35. Lab fee $5.

All Ages.


Arabic I

Alex Gubbins

Saturdays, January 26- March 2


City Residents $95, Non-city $100.

Alex has experience teaching at the University of Wisconsin and he has also traveled extensively to Arab speaking regions. Gubbins will be teaching Arabic for Beginners that target students from 16 and up. With over 150 million people speaking Arabic in the world, this is a great class to learn how to write, read, speak and listen to Modern Standard Arabic. This class will help you gain better access to the culture through the language.


Beginning Japanese

Ken Satoh

Saturdays, March 9-April 13


Instructor will teach conversation Japanese. Co-sponsored by Great Lakes Youth and the MACC. Space is limited.

Japanese Culture Workshop

Tomoko Inoue

Saturday, April 13


Japanese art class will provide different, but necessary teaching methods to best understand the language and culture. Inoue, originally from Kiryu, Japan will teach students Japanese calligraphy, origami and how to use chopsticks. Co-sponsored by Great Lakes Youth and the MACC.



Corinne Rockow

Fridays, March 8-April 26 (with the exception of March 29, and April 5.)


City Residents $ 25, Non-city $30.

Instructor will promote your child’s growing independence through movement and music. With over 30 years experience and training, Corinne will lead both children and their caregivers in singing, playing instruments, storytelling and dance activates with a new theme each week. Ages 2-6.



Poetry for Kids

Amber Edmonson

Tuesdays, March 26-30


City Residents $50, Non-city $55.


Cartoon Clay

Laura Lentes

Saturdays, April 18-May 18


City Residents $40, Non-city $45. Lab fee $25.

Lentes will use cartoons as inspiration for different handbuilding techniques such as pinch, coil and slab building.



Color Pencils for Teens

Jason Limberg

Saturdays, April 20 & 27


City Residents $25, Non-city $30.

Students will learn the different color theories that can be applied to color pencils along with the layering and textures that can be used to describe anything the artist wants to convey.



Spanish I

Veronica Peterson

Thursdays, February 7-March 14


City Residents $30, Non-city $35. Lab fee $5.

Children will learn and play with games, song, puppets, crafts, food and more. 3-5th graders.


Spanish II

Veronica Peterson

Thursdays, February 7-March 14


City Residents $30, Non-city $35. Lab fee $5.

6-12th graders.


Japanese for Kids

Tomoko Inoue

Wednesdays, February 6-February 27


Encouraging curiosity, children will learn the basic Japanese words, how to eat with chopsticks, how to write their name in calligraphy, and how to create origami. 3-5th graders.


Japanese for Teens:

Tomoko Inoue

Wednesdays, March 6-March 27


Teens will enrich their understanding of the world. In this four-week series, students will learn intermediate-level Japanese words and phrases. Japanese culture, how to eat with chopsticks, how to write their name in calligraphy, and how to create origami. 6-12th graders.

City of Marquette Arts and Culture Center’s Workshop Series

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