Rules for 20×20 2 Car Garage from the Garage Expert, Blondeau Construction

July 1, 2011

Get a 20×20 2 Car Garage from the Garage Expert, Blondeau Construction.  They build only garages!
While supplies last.  Subject to availability.
Have a brand new two car garage built at your home this Fall or next spring by the largest garage builder in Marquette County. This is a 20 X 20 two car garage with a man door and a 16′ garage door. Included are the Slab, footings and concrete, all included, plus high quality U.P made Wendricks Trusses, siding steel roof, nice… Matt Blondeau is a 4th generation carpenter and they’ve been building high quality garages since 1987. Enjoy Clay colored siding, green steel roof, green garage door…Matt will help you get permits. Matt will check your site and check for trees, water flow, setbacks and advise you on site preparation. So for a free site evaluation call 362-MATT.
$9,000.00, on sale for $8,000.00
Blondeau Construction LLC
Garage promotion
20’x 20’ detached garage to be built in Marquette County as follows:
16′ garage door. Does not include opener.
One 3’ service door.
Clay colored vinyl siding.
High quality U.P made Wendricks Trusses with steel roof
Framing as follows: 2”x 4” x 16” on center walls. 4/12 pitch trusses 24” on center, 24” overhang on eaves and 12” overhang on gable end.
Buyer is responsible for ALL permits and/or variances required. Buyer is responsible to check their local zoning rules and regulations to ensure garage can be built on their site. Blondeau will help advise on permits and help owner with advise only on permits.
Blondeau will do a free site visit and discuss project with owner
Site preparation and excavation is NOT included. Buyer must have site excavated and prepped to build garage at the discretion of Blondeau Construction LLC.
Foundation will be a monolithic design with a 12”x 12” thickened edge footing with one course of 8” block. If this type of foundation is not suitable for your site at the discretion of Blondeau Construction LLC there will be additional costs to build the garage or may not be able to build at all.
Garage cannot be attached to house or ANY other structures.
Garage cannot be built over any type of utilities. Buyer must check with utility companies for proper clearances to ensure garage can be built on site. Buyer is responsible for the relocation of all utilities.
If garage placement on property is near lot lines or other structures and a fire block is required(drywall on garage), there will be an additional cost for this.
Blondeau Construction LLC has up to 12 months from the time of purchase to start construction of garage, working with frost issues and owners special requests, which are to be worked out by both parties. We also cannot be responsible for delays beyond our control including but not limited to weather and delays on materials.
Does not include:
Driveway or apron
Any permits
Garage door opener
Excavation and site preparation.
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