Guest Blogger and Guest Comment Guidelines

Guest Comments, Guest Bloggers, and Guest Writer Guidelines
Updated as of April 18, 2012

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By using and/or visiting and/or submitting materials or comments to this website (collectively, including all content and functionality available through any site or domain owned, licensed by or licensed through, or operated by Great Lakes Radio, Inc.,, or "Website", including but not limited to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and including blogs operated by Great Lakes Radio, Inc. employees in the course of their duties at Great Lakes Radio, Inc., you agree to (1) these terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service") found at and (2) Great Lakes Radio, Inc.'s privacy notice, found at and incorporated here by reference. If you do not agree to any of these terms and/or to the Great Lakes Radio, Inc. privacy notice, please do not use the Great Lakes Radio, Inc. Website.

Submission Classification

Unless a written contract, signed by all parties, exist between you and both Great Lakes Radio, Inc., the above Terms of Use and Privacy Policy rule the relationship between you and Great Lakes Radio, Inc. Without an explicit contract signed by all parties, one-time, intermittent, or even regular or frequent submissions are agreed and assumed by all parties to fall under the license referred to in the above Terms of Use.

A submissions become the permanent licensed property of Great Lakes Radio, Inc. according to the terms outline in the Terms of Use.

Acceptance, use or publication of Submission(s) by Great Lakes Radio, Inc. or its employees or officers do not constitute any establishment of an employment relationship between the submitter and Great Lakes Radio, Inc. All submissions of materials, photos, videos, articles, posts, comments, or any other form of guest submissions are categorized as Guest Comments as referred to in the Terms of Use.

Submission Guidelines - The Basics

  • All guest submissions should be emailed to
  • Each guest submission should include an explicit statement indicating that the submitter has read and accepted the "Guest Comments and Guest Writer Guidelines" found at
  • Acceptance, publication, use, and editing of submission(s) by Great Lakes Radio, Inc. is always at the sole discretion of Great Lakes Radio, Inc.
  • While there are contests and awards for submission from time-to-time, unless otherwise indicated, no payments or other compensation will be provided for guest submissions
  • Spam and "spam-like" submissions are grounds for not only rejection of submissions but also permanent blacklisting of the submitter and/or submitter's organization. Spam submissions may also result in reports to regional, national, or worldwide spam databases

Submission Guidelines - Quality and Format

  • All Submissions should be useful and relevant to a site's target readers/audience.
  • All Submissions should be well-written.
  • All Submissions must be in electronic document format - no faxes, no snail mail, no dropped off stories, since all will be likely ignored. We're poor and can't afford to transcribe your submissions.
  • All submissions should be in text or html format...please, no MS Word, or other formats that mess up when copy and pasted
  • Please do not indent or include line breaks randomly throughout your submission. Test it firsts: open in notepad and verify that lines break (when word-wrap is turned off) only where blank line next is expected
  • Never use tabs in any submission
  • All Photos and videos must explicitly credit source.
  • All Photos should include explicit suggested caption and alt tags useful to visually impaired visitors that may use text-to-speech readers.
  • All Photos displayed should be kept to sizes no larger than needed to convey effect, and range between 340 pixels to 500 pixels wide and between 254 pixels to 500 pixels tall.
  • All Feature Posts require a feature post photo of exactly 340px wide by 254px tall on and
  • One photo per three moderate-length paragraphs is good rule of thumb, unless the submission is related to photography or art review or commentary.
  • All Links should be on-topic and entirely absence of the smell of spam.
  • All Links should include suggested tool-top title tag that provides additional information useful to reader to help the reader to decide whether to click link.
  • Illegal content, misleading information or fraudulent actions or claims may result in forwarding of submission to law enforcement.
  • Affiliate links and marketing links are forbidden.

Submission Guidelines - Preferred Topics and Subjects

  • Family-friendly content
  • Don't bother with politician bashing unless you are invited specifically as a political commentator
  • Educational submission and how-to articles are really nice
  • Humor is hard but prized when it is perceived as genuine, sophisticated, and relevant to our readers
  • When crafted with skill, personal perspective writing is good
  • History of Upper Peninsula or its industries, Michigan history, Mining stories, and any local Sports are almost always gold
  • Positive News Content
  • Local Music Scene
  • Local and regional events, theater, entertainment posts are highly prized
  • Genuine, in-depth coverage of almost any topic, in series or one-shot
  • Posts that easily translate into radio or audio commentary
  • Photo(s) with short commentary of wildlife, public event, unique geography, animals
  • Photos of Cats and Dogs - sure, but if they capture something special
  • Nature posts
  • Travel Posts, especially reported from wthin our broadcast region
  • Little league, bowling league, baseball teams, volleyball, darts and pretty much any sports of local interest
  • Creative short fiction with local/regional setting
  • Folk and Traditional music stories from region
  • Video from around region
  • Original Music
  • Church and charity organizational updates
  • Just ask, and we'll see

Submission Guidelines - Best Practices

  • Links to previously published materials internal to Great Lakes Radio, Inc. website(s) is encouraged and acceptable
  • Links backs to published articles placed on reputable sites is encouraged
  • Request for reader comments through Great Lakes Radio, Inc. sites is encouraged
  • SEO-rich and keyword focus in submission title and/or subject line and/or first 25 words of submission is appreciated, but all parts of a submission should first focus on human readability and audience understanding, not just satisfying computer indexing algorithms.
  • Article Titles should follow Chicago Manual of Style
  • Republished Articles are not usually acceptable without significant re-writes, though completely fresh perspectives on similar topics previously published are fine.
  • Guest Submissions republished elsewhere are not appreciated. Please submit original article(s) only. Please do not republish articles already published at a Great Lakes Radio, Inc. website.
  • Authors are encouraged to link to their own website bio page, so long as their site doesn't violate any of the guidelines herein.
  • Stick to simple html formatting: heading tags, bold, italics, and underline. Take special care to check before using unordered or ordered lists (usually fine, but not always), and always avoid special tab characters or invisible characters (except carriage return and newline character). Scripting in submission(s) is always unacceptable.
  • We encourage questions about formatting and policies, so ask before becoming frustrated

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