Last Chance to Participate in Give 100 Campaign

May 26, 2019

Marquette, MI – Want to know a secret? During Michigan state parks’ centennial anniversary, we’re celebrating you.

By visiting and camping at your favorite parks, you’ve helped bring to life things like accessible kayak and boat launches, upgraded shower and bathroom facilities, new fishing piers, sandy swimming beaches, renovated historic buildings, more camping options and restored trails.

This all was made possible because of your existing support through the Recreation Passport and camping and registration fees.

In our book, that makes you a real-life hero! Right now, through the #Give100 campaign, you have the opportunity to become a state parks superhero! Be one of the first 100 people – by Memorial Day – to give $100 to your favorite state park and make an even bigger impact.

Another secret: Superheroes don’t always wear capes or flashy outfits. Sometimes they’re everyday people who do something simple, yet meaningful, that makes things better for the next generation.

Share your love and leave a lasting legacy! Be a #Give100 superhero and support your favorite state park. (Cape optional.)