Avocational Archaeology with Jim Paquette

February 23, 2019

Marquette, MI – On Saturday, March 2nd from 11:00-2:00 pm Jim Paquette will be at the Marquette Regional History Center to talk about avocational archaeology.

Jim will explain and stress the importance of avocational archaeology in the Great Lakes region. Learn how this non-professional archaeologist who strove to “do it right,” made major contributions to Michigan’s archaeological record, by revisiting Jim’s discoveries at the 10,000 year old Gorto Site and the ca. 1630s Goose Lake Outlet #3 Site. The code of ethics that all citizens should abide by whenever they find precious material remains of our past will be emphasized. Bring a lunch for short break. $5 suggested donation. Please visit marquettehistory.org or call 906.226.3571 for more info on this event.