42nd annual Poor Artists Sale

November 26, 2018

Calumet, MINovember 26, 2018 – The 42nd annual Poor Artists Sale is Saturday, December 1st from 11 am-4 pm @ the CLK Gym in Calumet, Michigan. For more information, go to the Copper Country Arts website.

NMU Day of Giving

November 26, 2018

Marquette, MINovember 26, 2018 – On Tuesday, November 27th, Northern Michigan University will hold a Day of Giving to coincide with the global charitable event, Giving Tuesday. As happened last year, faculty, staff, friends and alumni will come together at this special time to give and pledge resources. This year the focus is on support for the Northern Fund, the Flexible Aid Fund, student scholarships and the NMU Food Pantry.

The NMU Foundation encourages all faculty and staff to make a gift. The generosity will help increase aid and opportunity for students. The campus community can also participate by donating non-perishable and other items to the NMU Food Pantry. The goal this year is to collect 2,000 items – double last year’s total.

More information and online giving are available at nmu.edu/dayofgiving.

Online payroll deduct is also available by visiting MyNMU and choosing Foundation Giving–Payroll Deduction from the Employee Services tab.

Westwood Shakespeare Company Presents Romeo and Juliet

November 26, 2018

Ishpeming, MINovember 26, 2018 – Shakespeare’s timeless and ever relevant Romeo and Juliet will be presented by the Westwood Shakespeare Company Dec. 6, 7, and 12 at the Patriot Performing Arts Theatre. Shakespeare’s tale of star crossed teenage lovers has a new voice with every new generation of performers, and this “no time” production by the WSC gives it a unique, romantic and swashbuckling spin.
Said Program Director Maria Hoffman, “It is my first year directing the WHS Shakespeare Company, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a well-established program. The students, especially our student directors, have done a phenomenal job with making the show come to life, and BG Bradley, our acting coach, has been a wonderful help in teaching these young actors and actresses how to develop both their characters and their skills. With everything put together, our performance of Romeo and Juliet is sure to tug at the heartstrings!”
Hoffman added, that Fight Choreographers, Patrick and Taggart Bradley, former members of the grades 9-12 high school company, together with the young actors, have done a great job creating the famous sword fighting scenes, that give this romantic play its infusion of action.
Artistic Director B.G. Bradley commented, “Maria Hoffman is bringing a ton of new energy to this program, and the kids are responding with some astonishingly great work on stage and in the technical booth. The “no time” setting of the play gives the work a contemporary feel, that still maintains its classical roots and timeless Elizabethan language.”
All shows are at 7:00 PM. Advance tickets are on sale for $5 in the Westwood High School office, and tickets will be sold at the door for $8/student and $10/adult. Groups of five or more can purchase tickets at the door for $5 per person. Season tickets are also available.

Part-Time Board Op, Producer and On-air Talent Job Opening CLOSED – FILLED

November 26, 2018

Employer: Great Lakes Radio, Inc., an Equal Opportunity Employer

Location: Marquette, Michigan – Unless you are willing to move, please realize we are not looking for anyone who isn’t local. Because of the board-op section of this job, we absolutely need someone who can work IN Marquette IN our studios. This is not a job that can be done remotely. If you are applying from out of state please indicate that you are willing to move for this job in the space provided in the application form or somewhere in your resume.

Position Type: Part-time Producer, Board-Op, On-Air Talent with opportunity for full-time depending on skills and availability.

Open Application Dates: November 26, 2018 – CLOSED; position is filled.

Compensation: $9.25 per hour.

What We Offer You:

  • Exciting work in radio production and sports broadcasting
  • An opportunity to build valuable skills sets in broadcast media
  • A motivated team-oriented environment
  • A flexible schedule based on remotes and sports schedules

Professional requirements:

  • You must be comfortable using computers and learning new programs.
  • Experience with writing short sports reports for online publication is preferred, but training will be provided.
  • Experience editing graphics and audio is helpful, though training will be provided.
  • Knowledge of studio equipment is desired. Training will be provided.
  • Previous radio experience is not required.
  • You need to be able to make any event or news relevant to listeners and our web visitors.
  • You will be responsible for organizing incoming information and following up on it as needed.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Audition preferred otherwise training will be provided.
  • On-Air experience desired. Training can be provided.
  • You will work reliably with little or no supervision once trained.

Your responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for setting up and conducting interviews (including recording and editing them).
    • You may be required to do interviews by telephone, in the studio, and in the field.
  • You will post summaries of interviews (usually with photos that you will also take) and post show activity on the internet.
  • You will assist with writing and production of commercial spots.
  • You will be trained and must master industry-specific software and tools, including a live-read system and other web-related tools.
  • You will read ads, live reads, spots, promos, and announcements for sponsors, and may also be reading weather, local and state sports scores, and announcing local news items, birthdays, calendar items, and school closings.
  • You will also assist management with any other requested tasks from time-to-time.
  • Possibility of meeting with clients to produce sponsorship.

Personal requirements:

  • You must be over 18
  • You must be currently living in the area or willing to relocate to the Marquette area.
  • You must be an organized, responsible, hard-working person with a pleasant speaking voice.
  • You are able to learn new skills quickly and keep calm under stress.
  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You must be confident enough to deal with problems that arise unexpectedly and smoothly work them out on the fly.
  • Pleasant public presentation
  • You must be willing to grow and develop your skills.

Specific On-Air Requirements:

Successful candidate should be able setup and conduct interviews (including recording and editing them), plus post summary of Interviews (usually with photos) and daily show activity on the Internet. Ability to do telephone Interviews, In-Studio Interviews, and Field Interviews will be required from time-to-time; the ability to learn quickly to do these radio-related skills can’t be understated.

Candidate Should be good at reading (ads/live reads/spots/promos/announcements) for sponsors, reading weather, reading local and state sports scores, and announcing local news items, birthdays, calendar items, and school closings. Unexpected things arise, so the successful candidate should be adaptable enough to smoothly work out problems on the fly.

The successful Candidate should be able to take incoming information, organize it, and followup to provide community with real sense of LOCAL flavor and LOCAL interests. Candidate should be able to make any event or news relevant to listeners and our web visitors.

Great Lakes Radio, Inc. 3060 U.S. 41 West in Marquette Michigan

Apply Now

Email Resume, Cover Letter, References, and Writing Samples to employment@broadcasteverywhere.com

Applicants should provide three writing samples: one sample in the first person, one in third person, and a third of your choice.

All writing samples should be 5-9 paragraphs long, written at the 6th-8th grade reading level with the public as intended audience. Inclusion of a photograph appropriate to the article would also be helpful to evaluate current skill set.

All qualified persons have equal opportunities in positions at our company, including but not limited to equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, training, discipline and treatment.

Network Offices
Great Lakes Radio, Inc.
3060 U.S. 41
Marquette, MI 49855
Phone: 906-228-6800
Fax: (906) 228-8128
Email: employment@broadcasteverywhere.com
If error appears on form CAPTCHA, please attempt a page refresh using control (command) + F5
Great Lakes Radio, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages women and minorities to apply.

Ironwood Jack Frost Festival

November 26, 2018

Ironwood, MINovember 26, 2018 – Downtown Ironwood will hold it’s Jack Frost Festival on Saturday, December 2nd at 6:00 pm. The event will feature a parade, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, holiday decorations, and more!