Collaborative Walleye Restoration Efforts to Begin on Lac Vieux Desert

May 7, 2018

Man holding walleye while on a boatGogebic County – Straddling the Michigan-Wisconsin border in Gogebic and Vilas counties – and lying within the 1842 Treaty-ceded territory – Lac Vieux Desert is a roughly 4,000-acre lake that has been receiving a lot of attention lately.

Fisheries managers have observed all-time low levels of walleye abundance stemming from declines in natural reproduction. While this decline is not completely understood, a cooperative interagency walleye rehabilitation plan was recently drafted by the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Lac Vieux Desert Band, and Sokaogon (Mole Lake) Chippewa to address the issue. The goal of the plan is to restore natural reproduction and increase the density of adult walleye to at least two and 2.5 fish per acre. The plan includes stocking, coordinated population assessments, harvest management, public education and enforcement efforts.… Read the rest

Gentle Yoga – May 10

May 7, 2018

Marquette, Mi.– Gentle Yoga is hosted by Essential Massage & Yoga this Thursday, May 10, from 5:45 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

For those who want softer, more nurturing, slow-paced, well-supported & relaxing practices of yoga, Gentle Yoga is the class for you. Well-suited for all body types and fitness levels, this class (every Thursday until May 31) will teach new skills to continue at home.

$10.00 per session/ tickets can be found here.… Read the rest

Bus Tour Through Seney National Wildlife Refuge for Potential Volunteers – May 10

May 7, 2018

Seney, Michigan– A bus tour for potential volunteers will be going beyond the fence this Thursday, May 10, beginning at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge Entrance at 9:00 a.m.

Ever wondered what is behind the refuge gates? Staff will take current and potential volunteers on a tour beyond the locked gates to anser questions and share their knowledge about the refuge.

Volunteers get involved in many different types of activities and volunteers, alone, worked an equivalent of $91,732 in labor last year! Volunteers are very important to the wildlife refuge. To learn more or want to register for the tour, call the Volunteer Coordinator at 906.586.9851.

 … Read the rest