41st Annual Salad Spree at Hope First Methodist Church – April 26

April 23, 2018

Marquette, Mich.– The 41st Annual Salad Spree will be at Hope First Methodist Church this Thursday, April 26, at 11:00 a.m.

Tickets are $10 for this popular buffet and are available at the door.

All proceeds go to local charities.


Legends of the Night Sky Laser Light Show and Night Sky Tour – April 26

April 23, 2018

Marquette, Mich.– The Shiras Planetarium will be hosting the ‘Legends of the Night Sky Laser Light Show and Night Sky Tour’ this Thursday, April 26, from 6:00- 7:00 p.m.

See a family-friendly laser show that highlights the mythology behind several constellations! After the show, we will check out the current night sky using our MS-8 star projector.

This is a fundraiser for Shiras Planetarium. Proceeds will go toward operating expenses and technology upgrades.

All tickets $5. This show is intended for ages 8+, but younger children are welcome if they are able to remain respectful during the show.

*Doors open at 5:45 p.m. No late entry!

Long-time U.P. Gasoline Vendor Sentenced To Prison for Bankruptcy Fraud

April 23, 2018

MARQUETTE, MICHIGAN — U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge announced today that David Louis Vernier, age 64, of Ishpeming, was sentenced to 45 months in federal prison followed by 3 years of supervised release for committing bankruptcy fraud. The sentence was imposed by Chief Judge Robert J. Jonker of the U.S. District Court.

David Vernier, the father of Brooke Vernier, came to the attention of special agents of the FBI as they investigated the younger Vernier’s involvement in a $145,000,000 check-kiting scheme that she executed in 2012. Brooke Vernier, the owner of numerous gas stations in the U.P., circulated a huge number of bad checks amongst seven different corporate bank accounts at three different banks in 2012, thus temporarily leading the banks’ accounting systems to erroneously conclude that her accounts held more money than was actually there. When the fraud was discovered, the banks had suffered a loss of more than $1.7 million. She was subsequently convicted of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, sentenced to 18 months in federal prison, and ordered to pay $1,780,232 in restitution to the banks.

Now David Vernier, Brooke’s father, is also headed to federal prison. FBI agents learned that David Vernier ran a number of gas stations in the U.P. in the 2000s, but had fallen into debt. In October 2010, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming to have no real property, no income, no interests in any businesses and more than $3 million in debts. The FBI’s investigation revealed that Vernier was actually involved in running his daughter’s businesses and being paid by them. The FBI also found that he had lied not only in his original bankruptcy petition, but also during subsequent bankruptcy proceedings and in testimony he gave in a related deposition. The investigation showed that he was fraudulently attempting to discharge his more than $3 million in debts while, at the same time, secretly retaining his assets and interests in various businesses.

Vernier’s request to have his debts discharged were denied by Chief Judge Scott W. Dales of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in May 2012 because Vernier had failed to retain business records that would have allowed the Bankruptcy Court to thoroughly analyze his financial condition. In denying Vernier’s request for bankruptcy relief, Judge Dales asked, “does anybody have a good handle on who owns what . . . or is everything just hopelessly scrambled?” During Vernier’s sentencing on April 19, 2018, Chief Judge Jonker concluded that Vernier scrambled his finances and destroyed records as part of a conscious business plan to defraud his creditors. Chief Judge Jonker also found that Mr. Vernier’s wrongdoing was sustained over a long period of time.

U.S. Attorney Birge commented that: “The bankruptcy process is intended to help honest but unfortunate debtors work with creditors to resolve crushing debt and hopefully get a new financial start on life. But Mr. Vernier tried to abuse the process and get his debts modified or set aside while hiding his true assets and business interests. That’s just another form of fraud. And the consequences for fraud in the federal system are serious, as he can now attest.”

During the sentencing hearing, Vernier gave a 40-minute long statement to Chief Judge Jonker. Based on this statement, Chief Judge Jonker concluded that Vernier, despite pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud, had not accepted responsibility for his crimes.

The case against Brooke Vernier and the subsequent case against David Vernier were investigated by the FBI and prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Maarten Vermaat.

Toddler Art with Lorne Watson – April 26

April 23, 2018

Escanaba, Mich– The Bonifas Arts Center is hosting Toddler Art with Lorne Watson this Thursday, April 26 from 10:00- 10:45 a.m.

Bring your toddlers to learn with professional teachers and musicians. Fun and learning are combined to help nurture imagination, problem- solving and developing motor skills. Art stations and music provide hands-on fun!

For toddlers (mobile to age 3) and their caregivers.

Per Day: $5 or 7 Week Sessions offered. To register, please call us at 786-3833 or purchase online.

Pizza Night at the Children’s Museum! – April 26

April 23, 2018

Marquette, Mich.– Every Thursday night is Dominos Pizza Night at the Children’s Museum. This Thursday, April 26, Pizza Night will be from 4:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

Call the Museum by 5:30 p.m. to order a one-topping medium pizza for $6 to be delivered to the Museum.

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum: (906) 226-3911


Marquette Poets Circle Interactive Art Exhibit – April 25-30

April 23, 2018

Marquette, Mi.– The Peter White Public Library is hosting a Marquette Poets Circle Interactive Art Exhibit in the Main level of the Library, April 25-30.

  • Monday- Thursday: 10:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m.
  • Friday: 10:00 a.m.: 6:00 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m.: 5:00 p.m.

A display of artwork and writing by local authors will be shown with scan codes included by each piece that lead viewers to a virtual gallery. The virtual gallery allows viewers to hear the authors read their work and to learn more about the authors/artists.

Free and Open to the Public. Refreshments available.

6th Annual Drug Awareness Conference – Registration Deadline April 26!

April 23, 2018

Harris, Mi.– Hurry up and register for the Public Health Delta & Menominee Counties 6th Annual Drug Awareness Conference at the Island Resort and Casino Monday, May 7, from 8:00 a.m- 5:00 p.m (E.S.T.).

Dr. Jim Harris, Ed.D, MSW will be the speaker at The 6th Annual Drug Awareness Conference. His presentation, “10 Things You Need to Know About Kids,” will address the developmental needs of children and how they relate to challenging behavior stemming from substance abuse, trauma, and attachment disorders.

He delivers some of the most important developmental principles with his down-to-earth presentation style.

For more info/registration forms, visit www.phdm.org or call (906)-789-8104.

Live Music by Chris Valenti at the Northland Pub – April 26

April 23, 2018

Marquette, Mi.– Chris Valenti is LIVE at the Northland Pub in the Landmark Inn this Thursday, April 26, from 8:30- 11:30 p.m.

Join everyone in the Northland Pub for a live performance by Chris Valenti and his acoustic tunes! Have some dinner, drinks, and enjoy your night.

Check out the Landmark’s website for more information at http://www.thelandmarkinn.com/


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