Testosterone at Extreme Levels at Great Lakes Radio

September 30, 2011


The previous night was a hectic one as the High Winds that struck the area had power outages every where. Generator no problem and the stations are back up and going.


This Friday morning, phones are going crazy and DJ’s are busy getting all the info the listeners may need to know to get them off and going. School closings, roads to stay away from from down lines and more.



The commander and chief is felling extra assertive and is in a pace getting everything accomplished at the station. Dean from the local business next door peeks in to make sure everything is okay with the storm the night before. Testosterone is starting to reach maximum levels and the next thing I know the two are on the ground to see who can get to 40 push ups the fastest.… Read the rest

Cattron’s Lumber Weather Blanket

September 20, 2011

Read the rest

Republic’s Potato Fest Centers On Spuds, Friends And Flea Market

September 18, 2011

Republic09/18/2011 – Republic’s 3rd Annual Potato Fest was sponsored by the Lion’s Club of Republic this year when the Historical Society of Republic couldn’t take on the event’s task this year.

As the area Finlanders honor the dedicated potato growers of the area, neighbors gather and share their assortment of ways that the beloved starch veggie can be transformed. (However, I didn’t see any recipes applying the liquid transformation of the spud into its beverage form).

Many of the residents will refer to Erickson Potato Farm on M-95 south of Republic as the local recognition for potato growth. Several residents set up a flea market to sell their hand made arts & crafts items, canned home garden products, dulcimers and even a local bladesmith.

Dan Choszczyk of Black River Blades of Champion, set up his forge outdoors giving potato “festers” a demonstration of his blade smithing work making all his hand-forged products entirely from recycled scrape steel salvaged in the area.… Read the rest

Hey Music Lovers – One More Look At Summer Music Fun

September 9, 2011

Marquette09/09/2011– This year’s Seafood Fest sponsored by Marquette Rotary West was a blast. Our weather up in the Upper Peninsula the last weekend of August was picture-perfect.

Lower Harbor Park in Marquette was filled with visitors seeking their annual seafood menu feast from the participating vendors coupled with live music from local area musicians. This was my second year playing at the Seafood Fest and it was enjoyable as a participating musician again.

To listen to the Geezers once more from the Fest, click here:

All this fortunately 70 ish weather during the day, is my last bastion of hope to enjoy the outdoors. So, as I realize that from this location of the calender year, all music events will eventually be located indoors until spring of next year.

I hope you enjoyed the Seafood Fest this year.… Read the rest

Roman Calendar Can Mess Up Holiday Event Planning

September 8, 2011

Ishpeming09/08/2011 – Attending this morning’s Ishpeming Business Association’s monthly meeting, Great Lakes Radio personality “Major Discount” and I aimed to schedule next year’s Texaco Country Music Showdown event date with the IBA. All those in attendance voiced their unanimous support in to have the Showdown included in next year’s Festival of Treasures celebration; saying that they all felt the Showdown contest added to the entertainment value of the day.

“So, what day does July 4th fall on next year?”
WHAT??? I’m thinking…who wants to celebrate a holiday in the middle of the week? Sentiments of the planning Association members felt that the prior weekend or the following weekends are too far detached from the 4th that sufficient social interest wouldn’t be generated.
“How about that Monday, the 2nd or the Tuesday, the 3rd?” All we need is an Act of Congress to pass a bill declaring the preceding or following days of a legal holiday be added as part of that holiday and you would be speaking my language!!!… Read the rest

NMU Football Season Opener Begins With Tailgate Party

September 2, 2011

Marquette09/01/2011– Northern Michigan University football fans, students and families gathered outside the Superior Dome Thursday afternoon for a huge tailgate party to kick off their season opener against Minnesota State-Mankato tonight at 7 P.M. Last year, Minnesota State-Mankato defeated the Wildcats in their home opener by a narrow, 7 – 6 score.

St. Onge Insurance of Ishpeming were asked to spearhead the sponsored event as part of the Greater Ishpeming-Negaunee Area Chamber of Commerce. Wildcat fans are optimistic of a better season opener and a better season overall with the return of NMU Quarterback Carter Kopach.
Grilled food items were catered to participating NMU students from the college’s cafeteria along with scattered tailgaters from the NMU Football Parents Association, NMU’s Athletic and Recreation Department and St. Onge Insurance. Live music was provided by NMU student band, Everything Under The Sun.… Read the rest

Flowers Are Telling Me My Summer Is Fading

August 31, 2011

Republic08/31/2011 – Time seems to be passing by quickly, especially if you consider that it seemed like just the other day I was welcoming the first week of August.  Now today is the month’s final day and I don’t know where the time went. My wife has developed a beautiful flower garden outside our home, consisting mostly perennials, most of  which have become some of my favorites.

August 12th was a beautifully sunny day, upon arriving home from work, I passed by the garden and noticed the bumble bees busy gathering on the purple cone flowers, working towards finishing up their day’s tasks. I decided this subject would make for a good picture since the flower’s appearance attracted my attention with its contrast of textures and colors.

This morning, the scene is not so attractive; the vibrant colors have faded, the bees are sleeping in due to the cooler morning temperature and the cone flowers are reaching the seed-bearing stage.… Read the rest

NMU Fall Fest Is Big Draw For Students and Local Businesses

August 30, 2011

Marquette – 08/29/2011 – Welcome Back NMU drew a big turn out of new and returning Wildcat students with local area businesses and restaurants handing out free promotional food,

drinks, ice cream, pizza and more. The weather was perfect, shining down on Academic Mall  for students to become familiar with local businesses,  campus activities  and social clubs.

Great Lakes Radio was present sharing their midday broadcast and great music, creating great atmosphere for all present.  Good Luck and Best Wishes to all NMU students on a successful new year!!! For additional coverage of Fall Fest coverage, click hereRead the rest

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