UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon 2018 Race

December 14, 2017

The UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary this January 26th – 28th, 2018, and there are a number of course changes that will both improve the skier experience and prepare the race for future growth.

Larger starting waves will now be utilized in the 50K classic and freestyle races – the classic race will have multiple waves of 200 skiers and the freestyle waves will vary in size with 100 skiers in the first, 180 in the second, and 180 or more in the third. To accommodate for more skiers in the starting waves the trail width for the first 3K has been increased to 30 feet and will utilize a portion of Al Quaal’s famed FIS and NCAA race course.

Major course improvement projects have also been completed. On a privately owned tract of land known as the “Granite Point Section” a beautiful new 3K route, made specifically for the Noquemanon, has been added to the 50K marathon course. The new route is wider, has a better surface, and is more skier friendly than the previous route through the area and it is designed to withstand a high volume of ski racers. In addition to the new Granite Point Section another new section of trail was created for the 24K (ie mBank Half Noque) race which is known as the “Mead Hills Bypass”. After the traditional start at County Road 510 skiers of the 24K will follow the new bypass route which has an improved surface over the older section of trail that was used. The Noquemanon Trail Network will have year-round access for grooming and trail maintenance on this section which will delight local skiers all winter.

The most prominent change of the 2018 UPHS Noquemanon is a new finish line. The new finish line will be at the “Log Yard” – approximately 4K west of the Superior Dome. This new finish line allows the race organization to eliminate the last 4K section of the course that is typically lowest in snow cover and historically is where most negative course feedback was concentrated. To further improve the skiing experience the entrance into the “Log Yard” has been widened and flattened to provide a great launching point for every finisher. Busing will be provided from the finish line to the Superior Dome via a very short commute and all participants will continue to have access to the world-class dome facilities which includes access to locker rooms, hot showers, and saunas.

In addition to the finish line change more well-established Noquemanon Trail Network (NTN) Forestville System ski trial will be added to the UPHS Noquemanon course which will bring with it new and varied terrain for skiers. Other course improvements include the 12K race which will now have a new scenic course over the first 4K along with more inclusive age group awards.

The race organization feels that this year’s course improvements are changes that will not only improve a skiers experience but will also allow the UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon to manage its growth safely and responsibly. The 20th anniversary is a major milestone for this event – race organizers look forward to the future while also celebrating the past and they are excited to host participants, both new and returning, in January!

For more information regarding this year’s UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon, please visit www.noquemanon.com.

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