All-Star Game Completes Fantasy Draft of Players

March 19, 2017

MARQUETTE, MIMarch 19, 2017 – The U.P. Football All-Star Game created quite a buzz this year by changing the most basic premise of the game, how the teams are divided.  2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the U.P. summer football classic.  The biggest change for this year’s game is that the teams will not be aligned East vs West, or North vs South, which has been the case each of the first nine years of the game. Instead, all players selected as all-stars were “drafted” by the coaches, just like fantasy football leagues.  The players are on either the Red Team or the Black Team.

The draft took place on Saturday, March 18th, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Marquette, and the picks were reported live on social media for all who wanted to follow the progress.  The coaches from both teams were in attendance and had lots of notes, lists and spreadsheets on all the players, and who they wanted to pick at each position.

As the draft unfolded, it was obvious that the coaches had taken their job seriously and did their research, because they were drafting players from throughout the U.P., and not just their own specific areas.  The coaching staffs are very diverse, so they had much input from other coaches who saw the players compete in person throughout the year.  The teams also are a mixture of players never seen before, so not only will players be competing against traditional rivals this year, they might also be competing against players on their own school’s team.

Fathers and Sons Get One Last Game Together

In past All-Star Games, there have been a handful of fathers who are coaches and have had their sons play in the game.  It makes for a fun atmosphere to have the fathers coaching them one last time in high school.  In most instances, it is the last game the sons ever play football, because most do not go on to play in college, but it is definitely the last time the fathers are able to coach them.

This year, there are seven (7) players who have fathers coaching in the game (the most ever in one All-Star Game, by far), so they were automatically placed on their father’s respective teams prior to the draft.  Those players and fathers are as follows: RED Team: John Paramski-Newberry (Coach Pete Paramski), Jordan Belec-Carney Nadeau (Coach Jim Belec), Jason Sutherland-Lake Linden Hubbell (Coach Leon Sutherland), Lincoln Klein-Lake Lincoln Hubbell (Coach Ken Klein); BLACK Team: Isaac Olson-Ishpeming (Coach Jeff Olson), Drew Marshall (Coach Iffer Marshall), Iver Stenberg (Coach Al Stenberg).

After the sons were placed on the teams, and the basic rules of the draft were reviewed, the draft got underway.  The BLACK Team got the first pick, because the RED Team had 4 sons on the their team vs 3 sons on the BLACK Team.  After the first pick, the teams alternated picks until all players were chosen.  Specific rules were in place to ensure that each team selected the proper number of players at each position.

When it was all done, the coaches were very happy with their teams and excited to continue strategizing what they will do with the personnel they chose.  Now that they have their players, the coaches need to decide where to play them, on offense or defense, which position they will play, and how they will fit into their plans.

Overall, the draft was a huge success and provided a great amount of excitement and energy at this point in the 10th year of the game.  There are a couple new things in store for the underclassmen to get them more involved, which will be released soon, now that the draft has been completed.  Stay tuned.

The completed rosters are listed below.

First Last School
Brock Aho Negaunee
Rory Anderson Calumet
Jake Arnold Manistique
Justin Bal Norway
Kody Beauchaine Superior Central
Jordan Belec Carney-Nadeau
Russ Bjorn Calumet
Wyatt Boik Pickford
Blake Borski Menominee
Trevor Brawley Engadine
Bryce Broden Norway
Brad Casanova Norway
Travis Christensen Marquette
Sam Collins Negaunee
Corey Cotey Munising
Austin Curtis North Dickinson
Stephen Dudenas Lake Linden-Hubbell
Derrick Edington Pickford
Chuck Goeschel Pickford (Maplewood)
Wyatt Goodwin Marquette
Adam Hildebrant Newberry
Mack Hull Kingsford
Eric Hurst Negaunee
Tristan Johnston Sault Ste Marie
Robert Kleiman North Central
Lincoln Klein Lake Linden-Hubbell
Chris LeMire Escanaba
Ryan Lohrey West Iron County
Nick Maki Stephenson
Mike McParlan Hancock
Seth Miatech West Iron County
Garrett O’Neil North Dickinson
Jacob Paquet Negaunee
John Paramski Newberry
Jordan Reynolds Houghton
Trevor Roberts Kingsford
Jared Sawyers Sault Ste Marie
Jalen Skinner Gwinn
Steven Suhonen Lake Linden-Hubbell
Jason Sutherland Lake Linden-Hubbell
Dante Thurston West Iron County
AJ Triplett Superior Central
Nicholas Weingarten Houghton
Austin Wicklund Rapid River
Brayden Wickstrom Menominee
First Last School
Todd Kangas Manistique
Garde Kangas Pickford
Cody Kangas Ogemaw Heights
Jim Belec Carney-Nadeau
Ken Klein Lake Linden-Hubbell
Leon Sutherland Lake Linden-Hubbell
Pete Paramski Newberry
Sam Eggleston Superior Central
First Last School
Matthew Beck Baraga
Taylor Belongia North Central
Tyler Bentley North Central
Mason Berglund Rapid River
Aaron Bolo Iron Mountain
Jace Briggs Bark River-Harris
Chandler Brown Negaunee
Derek Burger Cedarville
Shane Cole Gogebic (Wakefield)
Tanner Dellangelo Ishpeming
Dalton Deneau Escanaba
Carter Ghiringhelli Gwinn
Jesse Helminen Calumet
Jared Helms St. Ignace
Austyn Hollingshed Gwinn
Grant Johnson Calumet
Jeremy Johnson Forest Park
Ryan Johnson Gwinn
Hayden Kesti Calumet
Sam Larson Menominee
Jack Lynch Escanaba
Marcus Maraccini Kingsford
Drew Marshall St. Ignace
Marcus McKenney Menominee
Brendan Middleton Lake Linden-Hubbell
Dan Nocerini Forest Park
Isaac Olson Ishpeming
Zeke Oswald Bark River-Harris
Mitchell Peterson St. Ignace
Riley Pillion Newberry
Michael Pizziola Negaunee
Ryan Plunger North Central
Tanner Poupore North Central
Ashok Ravindran Ishpeming
Kody Rickley St. Ignace
Shane Ring Negaunee
Noah Rule Ontonagon
Caleb Scroggs L’Anse
Steve Seccia St. Ignace
Iver Stenberg Bark River-Harris
Jack Sturos Calumet
Carter Tallaire St. Ignace
Neal Violetta Negaunee
Brandon Waldrop Gladstone
A.J. Weisnicht West Iron County
First Last School
Marty Spencer St. Ignace
Les Therrian St. Ignace
Chris Marshall St. Ignace
Chuck McCall St. Ignace
Mike Shepard St. Ignace
Al Stenberg Bark River-Harris
Jeff Olson Ishpeming
George Niemi Ishpeming
Tom Tereshinski Manistique

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