Full-Time Entry Level Graphic Designer and Web Specialist

August 12, 2016

Put your degree to work at one of the most dynamic and successful media companies in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where employees actually look forward to the next day of work…

You’re a Photoshop master, you’re good with Illustrator, you’ve studied and learned how to Graphic-Designers-Neededdesign, but still you can’t find a job in your field – Why not? Because entry level graphic design jobs are few and far between, and there are so many graphic designers looking to get their start too.

With the growing need of New Media by our clients we have a huge demand for graphic and web design skills. However, we realize training is necessary to accomplish our company and clients goals so we are offering an entry level position with lots of on the job training.

Your designs could be seen over 2 million times each month on our network of sites – Plus on all of the printed materials we produce. To put your degree to work send your resume and samples to Great Lakes Radio, Inc. at employment@broadcasteverywhere.com – An Equal Opportunity Employer.

Required Skills:

  • In depth knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Design – logos, graphics, website components, promotional materials, flyers… etc.
  • General office program skills
  • Good Client and Communication skills
  • Candidate should be comfortable with online activities, including but not limited to online sales (eBay, Craig’s list, PayPal etc), social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and blogging.
  • We provide training for most of this job, but your key to success is the ability to learn and apply the new skills.
  • The ability to succeed — not simply a formal education — is the most desired trait for this position.

Position: Full-time – 30+ hours per week – OR two part time positions 15-20 hrs
Compensation: Entry Level, $8.50 per hour – (Or more depending upon experience)
Position Opens/Closes: This position opens August 12, 2016 and will remain open until the full-time/part time position(s) is filled or the position is withdrawn.

Typical Tasks

(Note: task frequently change and vary often, and candidate’s skill set is expected to be continually improving; typically more skills means more opportunities. We train, but you must be a good learner, with a quick, intelligent mind. )

  • Creating & Editing Graphics
  • Idea Generation
  • Photography and Editing
  • Video and Editing
  • Promotional Writing and Proposal Writing
  • Phone and Interview Skills
  • Client Posts, Client Tracking, Client Analysis Reports
  • Contest Coordination & Support
  • Marketing Materials Editing/Writing
  • Administrative Assistant Duties
  • Shopping Show Promotions (on-air, online, and directly with public)
  • Assistant Promotions
  • Sales Support, including directly building campaigns with Marketing Staff
  • Database / Data Entry
  • Recording / Voicing Promotions and Ads
  • Writing Promotional Scripts
  • Maintain, Edit, Update UPBargains.com and GreatLakesShopping.com newsletter and/or other newsletters assigned
  • WordPress Posting
  • SEO, Tags, Keyword, Description Writing
  • eBay & Craigslist & PayPal Posts and Maintenance
  • Shopping Show Promotions
  • Adhering to Policies of GLR and Management
  • Complete Reports and other Worksheets Daily
  • Followup with Prospects
  • Help with Organizational Tasks
  • Assist Traffic/Business Manager with Various Clerical Duties
  • Help Sales Department with Various Contest and Promotional Duties
  • Assist with Company Events and Giveaways
  • Maintain Agendas, Calendars, Message boards, Subscriptions Lists
  • Various Posting Duties for Multiple Departments online and in memos
  • Process email, mail, and forms, type memos and letters
  • News Reporting, Press Release Processing, Press Release Writing
  • Reporting
  • Recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Copy writing, Spot Writing, Advertising Writing
  • Client Relations and Customer Support
  • Quality Control Reporting
  • Various Communication Duties
  • Various Editing Duties
  • Various Blog Posting Duties
  • Updating of Social Networking/Bookmarking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
  • Product and Service Sales Materials Writing & Editing

Other Requirements:

A flexible mind, honesty, attention to details, great attitude, positive interaction with customers, clients and salespeople are very important qualities for the successful candidate. Being willing and able to learn new skills, apply them successfully, and work in a highly challenging, multi-tasking environment are also extremely important qualities the successful candidate will possess. A drivers license and a clean driving record.

Special Note

Those with specialized skills, experience or interests may find additional opportunities to participate in on-air shifts, sports, sales and marketing.

How To Apply:

Great Lakes Radio, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send your resume to employment@broadcasteverywhere.com or Employment, C/O Great Lakes Radio, Inc. 3060 U.S. 41 West, Marquette, MI 49855.

Applicants should provide three writing samples: one sample in the first person, one in third person, and a third of your choice.

All writing samples should be 5-9 paragraphs long, written at the 6th-8th grade reading level with the public as intended audience. Inclusion of a photograph appropriate to the article would also be helpful to evaluate current skill set.

All qualified persons have equal opportunities in positions at our company, including but not limited to equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, appointment, promotion, training, discipline and treatment.

Great Lakes Radio, Inc. (WKQS 101.9, WFXD 103.3, WRUP 98.3, WRPP 92.7, WQXO AM 1400, GTO.fm 97.5, FOX Sports Marquette 105.1 – 99.9, the Gift 106.1) is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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