Marquette Redmen Varsity Hockey Game Saturday, November 17th

Marquette, MINovember 12, 2018 – The Marquette Redmen Varsity Hockey team will be on the road against Utica Eisenhower on Saturday, November 17th at 1:30 pm. Tune in to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 to listen to the game!

Marquette Regional History Center Hosts the Holiday Art Sale

Marquette, MINovember 12, 2018 – The Marquette Regional History Center will host the Holiday Art Sale once again this year on Saturday November 17, 10:00-5:00 pm. Over 1,000 people attended last year and we hope to have even more attend this year. It’s the start of the holiday shopping season. The History Center is a destination, providing holiday shoppers even more reasons to attend. World class exhibits, an old-fashioned bake sale, educational toys and puppets in the History Center store, Dollhouse Days in the Exhibit Gallery, a membership drive and other surprises will keep shoppers in the holiday spirit. In addition, you will be supporting a community gem with all proceeds from admission donations going directly to the MRHC, a private non-profit 501c3. A $2.00 donation is suggested at the door, which also gives you access to the Museum galleries. The sale will feature local artists of every medium, and is the perfect opportunity to find that “unique” gift. Please call 906.226.3571 for more info, or visit

Participating Artist’s include: Jenny Frein (Ceramics), Kristi Mills (Birchbark, Natural Materials, Mixed Media), Jacquelyn Lambert (Jewelry), JoAnn Shelby (Alcohol Ink Painting), Sue Wolfe (Woodworking), Synthia Marsh (Jewelry), Emerson Graves (Jewelry), Amber Edmondson (Book Arts), Karen Jilbert (Ceramics & Painting), Judy Parlato (Fibers), Ron Morgan (Painting), Cindy Wedig (Ceramics), Connie Hedmark (Jewelry), Rock River Farm (Wreaths, Forcing Bulbs, Centerpieces), Laura Maze (Painting & Printmaking), Julie Highlen (Painting & Mixed Media), Jennifer Lasslet (Glass), Mary Ann Theis (Fibers), Kay Johnson (Painting), Susan Grant (Painting), Paul Hess (Printmaking), Christie Martin (Painting), Danita Rask (Fibers), Gordon Gearhart (Metals), Mavis Farr (Jewelry & Metals), Ann Golden (Jewelry), Susan Estler & Alan McAnulty (Jewelry), James Giddings (Woodworking)

Marquette Redmen Varsity Hockey Opening Game of the Season

Marquette, MINovember 11, 2018 – The Marquette Redmen Varsity Hockey team will kick off the season on Friday, November 16th at 8:00 pm. The Redmen will take on Berkley on the road for their season opener. Tune in to Fox Sports Marquette 105.1-99.9 to listen to the game!

Downtown Marquette Holiday Parking Enforcement Eased

Marquette, MINovember 11, 2018 – Beginning November 15th, 2018, metered parking and 2-hr customer parking will not be enforced after 3 pm, Monday through Friday. This easement will be in effect until December 28th, 2018, courtesy of the Marquette City Police Department and the Marquette DDA.

Marquette City Winter Parking Ban Now in Effect

Marquette, MINovember 11, 2018 – The winter parking ban is now in effect in the City of Marquette through April 1st, 2019. Vehicle owners must find off-street parking between the hours of 1 am and 6 am, regardless of weather forecast.

Esky Oilers Monthly Hangout – November 14

Escanaba, Mi. – The Esky Oilers Monthly Hangout, hosted by Essentially Inspired Wellness, is at Pacinos Food & Spirits this Wednesday, November 14 from 6:00- 8:00 p.m.

This is a group of wellness-seekers that get together to laugh, eat, drink, and have some fun each month. Each month there is a fun theme, iTOVi scans, and a TON of oils to try.

Anyone in the Essentially Inspired family of oilers or new to oils and would like to learn more are welcome!

Sunday Brunch at Holiday Inn

Marquette, MINovember 11, 2018 – The Marquette Holiday Inn will host Sunday Brunch on November 11th from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.

St. Louis the King Fall Festival

Marquette, MINovember 10, 2018 – The St. Louis the King Fall Festival will be held Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 9 am to 2 pm ET. The event includes a rummage sale, luncheon, baked goods, vendors, crafts and more! Join us at 264 Silver Creek Road, Harvey.

Questions? Call MaryAnn at 942-7624 or Carol at 942-7247.

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Press Releases

906 Technologies Donates Security Camera to Protect Niemisto Statue

Marquette, MINovember 11, 2018 – The Marquette Downtown Development Authority thanked 906 Technologies for donating and installing a security camera in the Pocket Park to protect the Phil Niemisto statue. The statue has suffered several cases of vandalism since last year, and the security camera will hopefully deter vandals.

U.P. Catholic Foundation on the Move

Marquette, MINovember 8, 2018 – The Upper Peninsula Catholic Foundation, Inc, (UPCF) recently distributed $410,806 to various organizations in support of Catholic ministries in the Diocese of Marquette. Now in its third year of operations, the Foundation is on the move to establish and grow permanent endowment funds for the long-term support of Catholic ministries in the Diocese of Marquette.

In an effort to boost endowment growth for the benefit of Catholic schools in the Upper Peninsula, the UPCF has partnered with the Diocese of Marquette. Each of the nine Catholic schools has the opportunity to receive a $100,000 challenge gift from the Diocese of Marquette by December 31, 2018. To receive the gift, each school is asked to participate by raising a minimum amount for their school fund. In addition to the individual school funds, a U.P.-wide fund has been created to provide financial support in equal portions to all Catholic schools in the diocese.

“Catholic schools are an effective tool for parishes to evangelize families and educate and form students,” said Rev. Allan Mott, UPCF board member and pastor of St. Anthony, Gwinn and St. Joseph, Northland. “This initiative is looking to the future, to help schools manage operating costs over the long-term.”

A new endowment fund has been created to benefit Catholic Campus Ministry at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Catholic Campus Ministry is a student organization which serves to bring young adults together to grow in faith and friendship. The director, Rev. Brandon Oman, offers student Masses and manages a center where students can gather for meals, fellowship, and to do homework. The ministry organizes a variety of community service activities and spring break mission trips. Students of all faith and denomination groups are welcome.

The Foundation’s annual report, Rooted in Faith, has recently been published. It contains current audited financial statements, list of funds and distributions, board members and more. “It is published annually as a measure of accountability and to share inspiring stories of how distributions are impacting lives and fostering the Catholic faith,” said Terri Gadzinski,

Executive Director of UPCF. The full report and audited financial statements can be viewed at

For more information contact Gadzinski by email or by phone (906) 227-9108.

NMU Food Recovery Network Making Impact

Marquette, MINovember 8, 2018 – Northern Michigan University is home to the first official U.P. chapter of the Food Recovery Network, a nationwide student organization that recovers perishable food from campus dining facilities and donates it to people in need. The NMU Food Recovery Network delivers leftover food from NMU Dining locations to the Warming Center in downtown Marquette—an appropriate cause to highlight as Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week approaches. The student group will begin an awareness initiative next week related to the water footprint of food.

On average, the NMU FRN saves about 30 pounds of food each week, with one recent recovery weighing in at over 165 pounds in late September. Last year, the student organization rescued well over 1,000 pounds of perishable food items on campus. This is part of ongoing efforts by the FRN to reduce the ecological footprint of the university.

“One of the most pressing concerns society faces today is the need to lighten our impact on the planet by using resources more responsibly,” says Joe Dodd, president of NMU Food Recovery Network and senior economics and environmental studies major. “Many colleges across the US are beginning to strive toward sustainability on campus, searching for practical ways to reduce losses and maximize efficiency.”

Last year, the FRN conducted three different “food waste audits” at the former Marketplace dining hall (MP), now The Lights. The study found that, on average, diners at the MP threw away about 500 pounds of food every day, 20 percent of which was compostable material such as raw fruits and vegetables that could be diverted to the NMU Hoop House to reduce disposal costs. The research project took first place in the undergraduate upper-division category of the 2018 Celebration of Student Scholars competition last May.

Dodd says raising awareness of food waste on campus could help students recognize some of the underlying costs of producing their meals. “By making small adjustments in their everyday food habits, students can drastically reduce their impact on the environment and help eliminate food insecurity at the same time.”

Food recoveries, waste tracking and analysis are all practical tools that can help the university recognize dining patterns and identify opportunities to minimize unnecessary costs, he added. These tools may also improve NMU’s Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) STARS rating, which is used for colleges and universities to measure their performance in sustainability.

“As an institution of higher learning, it is important that NMU demonstrates both environmental responsibility and sound business practices on campus by exercising water and energy conservation and actively reducing waste.” says Dodd, “Our focus aligns with multiple goals in the NMU 2020 Sustainability Plan.”

Each year, almost 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is left uneaten (133 billion pounds), making food the single largest component in our waste stream today, according to EPA statistics Dodd provided. When food is lost, valuable resources such as fresh water, land, energy and labor invested into producing, distributing and preparing the food are lost as well, he added. U.S. food waste, valued at $166 billion per year, accounts for 25 percent of our nation’s freshwater consumption and is responsible for 20 percent of all methane emissions.

“Food waste at this scale leads to unfavorable environmental, economic, and social impacts” added Dodd.

To find out more about NMU FRN, email

You Are Welcome Here Campaign

Marquette, MINovember 8, 2018 – Many downtown Marquette businesses are displaying posters in their windows with the message “You Are Welcome Here” in multiple languages. Northern Michigan University staff members delivered the posters as part of a campaign designed to strengthen international students’ connection to the community and familiarize them with local businesses.

The #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign is a U.S. initiative to show international students that American universities want to promote diverse, friendly and safe environments. Each participating institution is communicating the message in its own creative way through media content.

Erika Greeley, coordinator of international enrollment, and Diana Vreeland, director of the English Language Institute in the Division of Extended Learning and Community Engagement, both headed the effort to apply the campaign at NMU. The campaign aligns with the core value of inclusion in the university’s strategic plan.

After attending the NAFSA Association of International Educators Conference in 2017, Greeley and Vreeland received templates for posters that they later distributed around the NMU campus and downtown Marquette. The template was designed by Temple University.

“In fall 2017, Lila Isleib from International Education Services distributed the poster around campus at key offices where international students might go,” Vreeland said. “This year, the request was to distribute them to downtown businesses as well. Erika and I spent a few days visiting businesses on Washington and Third Streets. We didn’t get to everyone, but the ones that we did were very excited to post it in their windows.”

For more information about the movement, visit

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